PM Hailemariam’s 100 days in Office

image3It’s been over one hundred days since Hailemariam took the helm of Ethiopian Prime Minister. To begin with, Hailemariam did not come to power by the will of the people, and therefore, there weren’t much expectation of him to change course in the short term. However, some thought he might break away from the policy of his predecessor and change course to bring about a real change to the country; to the contrary, he has affirmed to continue the policy of repression and iron fist one party top down dictatorship. He has failed to prove himself to the Ethiopian people as an able leader; rather continue living under the shadow of Meles, put interest of a party before the people, stand no ground of his own, and failed to lead the nation with passion and show no hope.

Democracy and human rights were not in his predecessor’s dictionary and nor are they in Hialemariam’s.
Is the country better off without Meles? It depends who you ask. My opinion is that it is better for the nation to have democracy and freedom than just pursuing economic growth for few at the expense of nation’s freedom. Therefore, I am one of those people who celebrated Meles’s absence from Ethiopian politics if not his death. If the legacy of his economic growth is buying “Gursha” to survive, then fundamentally there is something wrong with his signature accomplishment which was the double digit economic growth.

“Gursha” is always a sign of love and affection in Ethiopian society and never been a sign of desperation.
The inherently grinding poverty, fast growing population, uncontrolled inflations, unplanned massive project undertakings, and rampant corruptions might be some of the factors weighing down on the economic growth for the nation but still to see people buying “Gursha” is a collective failure on the Ethiopian government and those who are selfish enough to take advantage of the failed system to exploit the poor.
Please write your opinion and perception of the first 100 days of the PM in the office and the direction of the nation post Meles.

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