Dream to be Back in the Air


Boeing 787 dream liners are going back in the air by the end of the month according to FAA. Boeing 787 were grounded around the world after faulty lithium battery caused alarm. FAA ordered the grounding of the planes citing safety concerns which followed by many other nations.

Boeing’s chairman and chief executive Jim McNerney said: “FAA approval clears the way for us and the airlines to begin the process of returning the 787 to flight with continued confidence in the safety and reliability of this game-changing new airplane.”

Planes now need to be fitted with a “containment and venting” system for both the lithium-ion batteries. That includes a stainless-steel enclosure to prevent heat, fumes or fire from spreading if a battery overheats in flight, said the FAA.

Ethiopia is one of the nations grounded their Dreams and desperately needed to get back in the air as every day passed by on the ground is revenue losing.

The planes are priced between $207 million and $243 million, and Boeing says more than 800 of them are on order. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and a top U.S. exporter.

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