Editor’s Note:

Stumbled on this video recently and blown by the vigor, energy, and passion by which Goshu Wolde delivered at the UN right after Ethiopia failed in the hand off TPLF. This was an amazing speech at the time; Goshu was pleading with UN to protect Ethiopia from the hand of TPLF the organization that never lead a family let alone a nation as he put it.  Though Goshu himself served the most dictator leader in the history of Ethiopia  under communism, he was speaking of freedom and democracy and the direction TPLF will lead the country. Looking back after 22 years, democracy still has no place in Ethiopia and many are languishing in Ethiopian prison under sub-human condition for no apparent reason than demanding for free speech afforded to them by their nation’s constitution. As a person, Goshu was one of Ethiopia’s intellects but one would wish he was the defendant of freedom and democracy during his service. See it for yourself.